The Question is Not "Why REDI-RIPS™?". The Question is ... "Why Random Width Lumber?"



Improve Your Yields!

Ripping yields can be unpredictable. Rip yields for random width lumber are influenced by lumber tally, lumber widths, lumber quality, cutting orders, operator decisions and more. You need to know your exact yield for pricing decisions and margin calculations. With REDI-RIPS™ you don't have to concern yourself with guessing at rip yields. You receive exactly what rips you need. By combining your cutting orders with other customers' needs, we achieve extremely high yields. With REDI-RIPS™ the high yield cost benefits are passed on to you.

Gain Value!

Many people will boast about their rip yield. What they are getting is fiber recovery. If your concern is yield only, you will achieve high fiber recovery. However, in doing so you may be producing rips that are not immediately needed and not producing the rip sizes you do need. The rips you are producing are often your lowest value product (i.e narrow). The rips you are not producing are often the most valuable (i.e wide, clear, long etc.). With REDI-RIPS™ you order the widths you need. There is no more guess work, no lack of needed widths, no inventory of slow moving widths.

Get More Benefit!

HMI Hardwoods LLC is a fully integrated hardwood manufacturing facility. We purchase and harvest our own timber. We produce our own lumber with our sawmills. We dry, plane, rip and package our lumber within one facility, with the capacity to produce over 2,000,000 bdft of lumber per month. This benefits youbecause we can control the quality of the lumber for you from the stump to your door!